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bed bug bitesWhen people wake up with bites on their feet and legs, they often immediately assume they have been attacked by bed bugs They were on their bed and they have bites, so it must be a bed bug, right? Well, bed bugs are not as common as many people fear, and there are many times where the bite is something else entirely.

Bed bugs are easy to blame since they are always in the news and people are so scared of them. After all, trying to get rid of them is a major hassle, but other bugs can be to blame as well.

If the bite is a solitary one, then it is very probable that it is something other than a bed bug. Bed bugs tend to bite numerous times, and it is more likely a spider bite or even a carpet beetle. It could even be a flea bite. If the bites are into joined by more bites over the next couple days, then it is a good indication that no bed bugs were involved. A bed bug would keep coming back and biting again and again. Fleas are guilty of that as well, but most other bugs simply don’t do that.

For those who are not sure what kind of bug problem they have, it is best to call in specialist. Greenville, SC pest control services can provide the help that homeowners need, finding the source of the bites and eliminating the bugs. Of course, if it is bed bugs, it may take some work to get rid of them, and even the most thorough pest control measures may not be enough in some cases, but there is a much better chance that pest control experts will enable to get rid of the pests than the homeowner would.

Services like Pest Control Services in Greenville SC by Commander Pest Solutions give homeowners the help they need to conquer their pest problems. The professionals can find the nests and other evidence of bugs and completely eliminate them. There is no more thorough way to deal with pests than by hiring professionals to take care of them.