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Heart disease is currently the most common cause of death for both males and females. As many as 715,000 people experience a heart attack each year, and over 600,000 die due to heart related problems. Clearly, this is an epidemic, but the good news is that many of these deaths may be preventable with a healthy lifestyle.

It’s Never Too Late to Make a Change

If you are middle aged and have never eaten right or exercised, you may feel that it’s too late to bother attempting to take control of your health. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong. Recent research presented by the American Heart Association has demonstrated that, when it comes to reducing your risk of heart failure, improving fitness levels has a powerful effect, regardless of your age.

Fight heart diseaseThe study, which included over 9,000 middle-aged men and women, had participants take two different tests to determine physical fitness. The tests were spaced eight years apart and required 18 years of follow up, comparing information about fitness to hospitalizations for heart failure. It was found that those who were the least fit at the beginning of the study had a greater risk of heart disease after age 65, but those who worked hard to improve their level of fitness over the eight years were able to reduce their risk. Those who remained unfit over that time span continued to demonstrate an increased risk of heart problems.

The Importance of Heart Screenings

No matter what lifestyle you have, it is very important to receive regular checkups to see how your heart is doing. When your doctor takes a reading of your heart, he or she may later use that information in determining whether or not your heart’s health is going downhill. Without this information as a baseline, it could be more difficult to check the health of your heart later in life. The early stages of heart disease can sometimes not present any symptoms at all, and for this reason, you must get checkups periodically, and work hard to improve the health of your heart while you still can.

Check Your Heart’s Health in The Privacy of Your

Home Some people avoid visiting doctors, either out of fear or for financial reasons. If this sounds like you, don’t use this fear as a reason to miss out on potentially protecting your health. By visiting a private lab and testing center, you can receive affordable tests that will help to determine how your heart is doing without ever having to speak directly to a doctor. You can purchase your test online and then visit one of their local heart health screening locations to have the testing done. You can also shop for an at-home cardio test kit that you can use in the privacy of your home. Consider addding healthier foods to your diet and ask your doctor about supplements which can aid heart health, like 100% pure forskolin extract.

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, and not one that you should ever neglect. Aside from choosing to start a healthier diet and exercise program today, please consider testing your cardiovascular health. Information is power, and you have nothing to lose.

Shelby Warden is a researcher who shares this information to raise heart health awareness in our communities. People who value their health and privacy can order tests online and visit one of their local heart health screening locations at a convenient time.